Abilene Lawyers For Business Owners

At Fergus & Fergus, LLP, we handle a broad range of business and commercial law matters for clients in Abilene, throughout Taylor County and across West Texas. Our strong focus in oil and gas law allows us to provide cutting-edge counsel to businesses involved in the Texas energy industry. Our wide-ranging knowledge of business law allows us to provide skilled guidance and advocacy to businesses in any industry.

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Business Law Solutions

At our firm, we have extensive experience handling business law matters, ranging from routine transactions to high-stakes litigation. The scope of our practice includes:

  • Business transactions
  • Business formation
  • Commercial real estate
  • Business dissolution
  • Business succession planning
  • Labor and employment matters
  • Partnership disputes
  • Contract disputes

Our lawyers are knowledgeable in business law statutes. We are also tuned in to the ground-floor realities businesses face every day. We understand the importance of achieving your business goals in a favorable, cost-effective manner.

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