Abilene Attorneys For Wind Energy And Water Rights

Disputes over water pollution and water use are common in the oil and gas industry. Landowners who lease their property to oil and gas companies need to ensure the protection of the water on their land. Oil companies may require use of water resources to conduct operations.

Whatever side of the issue you are on, the attorneys at Fergus & Fergus, LLP, can provide you with the skilled legal representation you need in regard to Texas water law. We have extensive experience handling oil and gas law matters for clients in Abilene, throughout Taylor County and across West Texas.

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Wind Energy Law

The Roscoe Wind Farm in West Texas is among the largest and most profitable wind farms in the world. The Roscoe Wind Farm, as well as the nearby Brazos Wind Farm, has provided Texas landowners with lucrative opportunities for leasing their land to energy companies.

Our law firm provides experienced legal guidance to landowners, as well as energy companies engaged in harnessing wind power for energy production. Wind energy is a dynamic, growing industry. Our attorneys keep abreast of all changes in the law regarding this evolving legal area, and can provide you with the advice and advocacy you need.

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