Abilene Attorney For Divorce And Community Property Division

The end of a marriage is hard for everyone, no matter the situation. It is a time of personal crisis and emotional distress. While difficult to process and discuss, hiring an attorney will ensure that your property is well taken care of, now and in the future, and will ensure that any and all property complications are taken care of properly.

As every relationship is different, we at Fergus & Fergus, LLP, recognize that every divorce is different. Our attorneys are hands-on and knowledgeable in many aspects of family law, and can help guide and educate you on the specific issues presented by your case. Family law is an emotional process, but the attorneys at Fergus & Fergus, LLP, will help you take a practical approach so that you can start your new life on the right foot.

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Due to our expertise in property matters, we have an advantage over many lawyers. Further, both of our family law attorneys have their masters in business administration as well and can help with any business matters that may be involved.

We offer a variety of family law practice areas, including:

  • Divorce
  • Mediation and/or arbitration
  • Same-sex
  • International and/or military family law
  • Interstate support
  • Marital agreements
  • Marital property distribution
  • Marital property law
  • Marital property settlements
  • Name changes
  • Nontraditional family law
  • Paternity
  • Post-divorce property modification
  • Postnuptial agreements
  • Premarital agreements
  • Qualified domestic relations orders
  • Uncontested family law matters
  • Child support
  • Grandparents' custody
  • Grandparents' visitation rights
  • Visitation rights

We can also help you revise your will, power of attorney and other estate-planning documents as your status changes.

For More Information About Family Law And Divorce In West Texas

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